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About Mary Streeter

Mary has spent the last 3 decades as a healthcare provider, studying and teaching yoga, energy medicine, mindfulness, and stress resiliency.


She is a mother, a wellness & plant-based nutrition advocate, writer, podcast host and life coach. She creates empowerment tools, guiding the process of accessing personal wisdom and knowledge to heal, grow and transform.

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 At age 50, Mary found herself parenting her second round of children. As her daughter fell hard to addiction she adopted her 4 grandchildren and began to rebuild her life.  (Your can find her story in "Ignite Your Wisdom",  published May 2022). ​

She found her way out of the darkest time of her life and into an even more beautiful, awakened life.  She has taken the gifts she birthed from this journey  and created the podcast, became a holistic life coach , yoga teacher,  writer and advocate for other to find their North Star and embrace their epic journey through the doorway of self-realization and love. 

"The events in our life are not happening to us, they are happening for us. It is one precious life, we can let the challenges in our life push us down or help us to rise up. "

Are you longing to live an awakened, beautiful life? Are you ready to heal what needs to be healed and embrace your journey fully?  Check out my offerings. I will meet you there <3.

“My story is not so different from yours. I have struggles, fears, and times when I get lost in the challenges of life. I also have a passion to live a beautiful life, to have optimal health and to find joy."

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