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Mary has spent the last 3 decades as a healthcare provider, studying and teaching yoga, energy medicine, mindfulness, and stress resiliency.


She is a mother, a wellness & plant-based nutrition advocate and coach. She creates empowerment tools, guiding the process of accessing personal wisdom and knowledge to heal, grow and transform. 

“My story is not so different from yours. I have struggles, fears, and times when I get lost in the challenges of life. I also have a passion to live a beautiful life, to have optimal health and to find joy."

I have traveled to Africa many times doing global health work,  experienced amazingness in my travels, had profound teachers  in both eastern and western medicine- professor, gurus, yogis, healers and great spiritual guides. I feel incredibly grateful for all the wisdom and knowledge, this has shaped me into who I am today. That and being a mother. 

I always say that our children stretch us to a level of understanding, unconditional love and acceptance that perhaps we didn’t know was possible. I will also say my journey in understanding and holding space for my daughter’s addiction has been the hardest, darkest, most difficult part of my journey. Which also means when the moments of light on the other side of that darkness shine through, it is by far the brightest, most vibrant light. The gifts, when seen and embraced, are abundant. 


I have continued to revive my resiliency to stay steady on this journey and embrace life on my terms. In truth and authenticity. With hope and light. This has given me a deeper level of connection with others, myself and with the divine. Embracing science and spirituality as a gateway to heath and wellbeing. Leading to the heart of the work I share with others as a holistic health coach, teacher, speaker and writer. 

This has also led to my podcast. Zen Mama and The Addict is a gift that has bloomed out of the darkness and it continues to reveal how magic shows up in the most unexpected ways. I will you all to hold hope and to know your inner power to be resilient, to find the gifts and to shine your light out into the world. When we connect and show up this way…it is the biggest gesture of love we can contribute to this world. It can be that simple yet I believe incredibly powerful.