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Each week we talk to Everyday Gurus, people just like you, sharing their stories of finding meaning and purpose in life. Everyday people unlocking their truth so they can live authentically and find joy. These conversations are full of wisdom that helps us to understand how people find their North Star, that thing that they are here to do and WHY that lights them up inside. Join us as we talk to the wise that walk among us.


This week we have three guests! We welcome Sanchit Maruti, Bethany Mahler, and Laisha Mitchell to the show. 

Sana at Stowe is a premier addiction treatment center located in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Their mission is to help individuals with substance use disorders achieve recovery through compassionate, high-quality, evidence-based medical care.

Sanchit Maruti, MD, MS - Chief Medical Officer at Sana at Stowe

Sanchit is a fellowship-trained addiction psychiatrist with clinical experience in caring for a broad spectrum of diverse and complex individuals who have acute and chronic conditions. He has received numerous clinical service and teaching awards, serves on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry and has research expertise in risk assessment, quality improvement and outcomes measurement. He also serves as the Medical Director of Inpatient Psychiatry Service and the Addiction Treatment Program at the University of Vermont Medical Center. In his free time, he likes to travel, visit museums and listen to jazz music.

Bethany Mahler, MA, LADC, LCMHC - Vice President of Clinical Affairs at Sana at Stowe

Bethany is a dually Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor and Clinical Mental Health Counselor. She graduated magna cum laude from Boston College before getting two Master’s degrees in international development and counseling. She is experienced in providing direct clinical care in both residential and office-based substance use disorder treatment settings as well as managing and supervising a multidisciplinary team in clinical and operational aspects. At Sana, she is responsible for developing clinical strategy, building new initiatives, ensuring regulatory compliance and program design and implementation. She grew up just across the border in New Hampshire and spends her free time with her husband and two children.

Laisha Mitchell, MSN, CV-BC, PCCN - Director of Nursing at Sana at Stowe

Laisha is a Registered Nurse with over 15 years clinical experience working in cardiac care, medical/surgical cardiothoracic, emergency and critical care units. She has a Master’s degree with a focus on Nursing Education, is board certified in both Cardiac-Vascular Care and Progressive Care nursing and has been a university nursing professor. Originally from Montréal, Canada, she has lived in multiple locations throughout the eastern United States but has called Vermont home for many years. She enjoys time with her adventurous family, challenging herself with long-distance running and growing a bountiful summer garden.

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KIMBERLY DUBRUL @youryearoftransformation

Kimberly is a wife, mother, devoted life and well-being coach of almost 20 years. She’s dedicated to helping others to see and live in their full strengths, to live their best life by their own definition. She’s a published author and coaches other coaches to live their best lives with authenticity while growing their businesses. She holds one of the highest credentials in the industry and is also a certified yoga instructor. An avid lover of nature, books, basketball, art and the beauty of our world.


JEN DERASPE and Spirals of Wellbeing Coaching

Jen Deraspe is the founder of Nurture Through Nature , a holistic life coach, certified Qi Gong and yoga instructor, and certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. She has studied and worked in health, wellness, and personal development since 1983. In this episode, Jen discusses the depths of her healing through athletic training/sports medicine, leading community workshops, volunteering at the Maine Correctional Facility, life coaching, and running retreats. Her passion is to guide those who are looking to heal back into their best self. 



"To be short and sweet, my clients are the best part of my job.  Mind you, I love the actual physical aspect of my work as well, which is the sifting and manipulating of soft tissue.  I imagine I’m creating a beautiful sculpture...a new piece of art rivaling that of some of the great masters like Rodin or Michelangelo.  Together, these two aspects of my work...connection and the ability to create, feeds me and is why I have continued to practice the art of bodywork for these past 11 years."



Jill is a certified Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She also is a certified International Health Coach through the International Association of Health Coaches. Jill practices a holistic approach to health and wellness. She works with clients to get in touch with their body’s nutritional needs and supports them in achieving all their goals, from eating the right foods for their bodies to developing an appropriate fitness routine to living an inspired and fulfilling life and discovering the best version of themselves. Additionally, Jill has studied “gray area” drinking extensively and helps support clients who would like to drink less or stop drinking all together.



Tammy shares her journey as a mother of 6, her life on the farm, her incredible loss and how she found her way forward in that moment and how she continues to find strength and resilience in this journey. She also shares her incredible sense of community- which she continues to cultivate everyday on the farm, with the doors wide open - all welcome. At a time when community and connection is in such need, listen up to this wise woman- she ground us all in what is truly important and the human capacity to endure as she continues to rise & be the light.​

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Amy Poulin has been a nurse for 32 years, 23 of them being at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center. She has 17 years of experience working in the ER. She lives in Maine with her husband and two sons and shares that her biggest happiness, aside from spending time with family, comes from serving others. 


If anyone listening feels inspired to donate socks to patients in need please send them to :

Amy Poulin - 202 Ridge Rd, Lisbon Falls ME 04252

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Prior to ZMATA adding Michael a reoccurring guest, he was an everyday guru interview! In this episode he takes us on a journey of understanding the human journey and discussing how our past informs where we are today.


Krista Marzewski

Krista is a Y12SR teacher, as well as recovery coach, development coordinator, and recovery peer support specialist at Turning Point Burlington in Vermont. She shares her story of recovery and how she became a teacher that combines yoga with 12-step topic discussion meetings. 

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Deb Defrancesco

Deb is the is the owner of Inward Journey Retreats, a retreat program designed for those searching for ways to find the path to their best selves. After the tragic loss of her son, Ben, Deb shares how she found the tools to walk beside her grief and overcome it.

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Laurie Jeanne Bradway

The Art of Recovery

Laurie is a certified domestic violence community advocate in the state of Vermont. She also volunteers for the Steps VT hotline and offers free trauma sensitive yoga classes, private and public trauma coaching. 

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Caitlin Dafni

Caitlin Dafni is a Life Coach and runs an online coaching practice from her home in coastal Maine. She offers individual and group coaching programs to help clients clarify their purpose and build their life around it. Caitlin has spent the last 15 years exploring and immersing herself in the healing arts - yoga, ayurveda, meditation, integrative nutrition, and holistic coaching. Since 2015 she has coached hundreds of individuals live happier, healthier lives. 



Melody Joy is a Modern Day Mystic and Pleasure Activist. Her heart centered clarity and fierce wisdom assists those ready to transform and deepen their divinity, regardless of where they are on the path. She brings natural psychic and intuitive gifts to her Coaching work in order to help empower others on their journey to a more awakened embodiment. With a personal history of trauma, addiction, depression and core wounds related to abandonment, Melody’s path over the last decade as a pleasure activist has been a powerful bridge of healing between the body and the mind. By deprogramming the unconscious systems of oppression in the mind and reclaiming the natural freedom and vitality in the body a revolution of healing and joy can occur. Melody Joy holds certifications as a Registered Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Coach and Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist



Dr. Erin Sepic is a Canadian born Vermonter, a lifelong learner, a shower singer and a passionate outdoorswoman. Her core values are spirituality and growth, so she feels most alive when pushing one of her edges. She still enjoys chiropractic family practice  16 years in, and is also deeply fulfilled by her intuitive and coaching work.  One of her favorite quotes is Ram Dass' "We are all just walking eachother home."

You can find her at, and her Chiropractic office at

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Christine O’Neill, MMSc, PA-C, PCC is a former clinician and burnout survivor who now serves others as a burnout interventionist, executive leadership coach, Certified Dare To Lead™ Professional, and yoga teacher. She is passionate about helping overwhelmed professionals learn how to make a difference while having a life using values-based prioritization and neuroscience-informed self-management techniques. She specializes in professional burnout prevention/recovery, and executive coaching for people-centered leaders. Christine worked in healthcare for 30 years, gaining deep experience in direct patient care, hospital leadership, nonprofit board leadership, and grassroots political advocacy. When not working, you’ll find Christine exploring new places in her campervan, developing plant-based recipes, petting all the dogs, and connecting with friends and family.

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Emily Garrett is a seeker, teacher, practitioner, yoga teacher trainer, business owner, mother, wife, friend, neighbor, and community member. She is the owner of Laughing River Yoga in Burlington, VT. In studio and out, Emily advocates for healing and presence through teaching yoga classes, mentoring humans, parenting children, and engaging in open hearted, courageous conversation.

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"Sober Sis founder, Jenn Kautsch, is a pioneer in this movement of sober-minded living. This is about making a conscious choice to be the best version of yourself, to live in an intentional manner creating the life you want. And sometimes that means living alcohol-free.

Jenn recognized that alcohol was causing some inner turmoil, it was taking up too much ‘space’ in her life, and she embarked on this amazing journey to create Sober Sis. Sober Sis is a tribe of women who are gray-area drinkers.



Kyle is the president and CEO of greater Burlington YMCA.  In his episode, topics such as diversity, inclusion, and racial justice are discussed. Kyle has an impressive resume, pulling wisdom from his experiences in many fields.--including higher education, Wall Street, and the YMCA.

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Anderon's company, Bright Earth foods, sells high vibrational foods with the purpose of assisting conscious healthy living. This Everyday Guru strives serves humanity by creating happiness and well-being through the transformation of health.


Sonja Chevalier


Sonja discusses her rocky childhood and her life as it became consumed with abuse, addiction, and mental illness. She has been in recovery for 9 years and shares how she walks beside her mother who still struggles with addiction.