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Tell me your story of the truest most beautiful version of your life.

Manifesting our desires and finding purpose requires clarity and focused attention. 

I guide the process of self discovery through healing of the mind, body and spirit. Together we discover practices and tools that support stress resiliency so you can discover your dreams, feel energized and live the truest, most beautiful journey of your life.​​

          Whatever your goals are ~ I will meet you there.

Personalized Coaching to discover the power of presence, how to build health, wealth and vitality from the inside out.

What do you want to manifest?

What are your dreams?

How do you want to show up in your life?

What is getting in your way?

We will explore different areas of your life and find what feels balanced and what feels out of balance. Using a  mindfulness approach to build your awareness to recognize what really brings you energy and joy and what may be depleting you or getting in the way. Through this work you build practices and integrate lifestyle choices that improve your overall health and wellbeing. 

I will guide you through a process that will give you clarity and direction so that you can intentionally manifest your dreams and live the truest, most beautiful version of your life.

Embracing Your Life

Holistic Life Coaching Program

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Having a medical procedure (biopsy) , imaging study (MRI), treatment or surgery can be very anxiety provoking. Often this stress is related to fear and feeling powerless over our experience.

I have worked in healthcare for over 30 years and I have seen the role that stress plays in medical related experiences and in healing. I have developed a program that uses techniques from several disciplines to guide you through simple steps that can:

  • reduce stress

  • reduce pain

  • decrease complications

  • improve your experience and the quality of your outcome

Built on experience and research that shows that having tools to reduce our stress can positively effect our experience and when we can reduce our stress we can improve our health and healing.


This program will empower you to be actively involved with creating your health care experience and you will gain skills you can carrying into other aspects of your life.

Healthcare Empowerment

Prepare for "Surgery", Heal Faster: reduce anxiety and improve healing

Healthcare Empowerment
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The body becomes a holding place for your entire life’s journey. By healing our physical and subtle energetic bodies we can break through the obstacles that are holding us back from emerging and embracing life fully and authentically. 


In this energetically based program we will remove hidden obstacles or subconscious beliefs that have develop a conditioning of the mind and body that make it difficult to break old habits and ways of being. 


If you're ready to step into your truth and beauty and find true joy and fulfillment this program is for you.

Revive your resilience, let go of limiting beliefs and step into your life fully. It's one precious life, don't miss it <3.

Reviving Resilience

Healing & Transformation

Reviving Resilience
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