Welcome back to the show! In this episode, Kimberly Dubrul and Mary Streeter discuss being mothers of addicts, the impact of Al-Anon on Kimberly's healing, and prioritizing self-care.

Kimberly is a wife, mother, devoted life and well-being coach of almost 20 years. She’s dedicated to helping others to see and live in their full strengths, to live their best life by their own definition. She’s a published author and coaches other coaches to live their best lives with authenticity while growing their businesses. She holds one of the highest credentials in the industry and is also a certified yoga instructor. An avid lover of nature, books, basketball, art and the beauty of our world.

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Real.  Raw.

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Starting the Conversation

This podcast is a mother and daughters raw and colorful story of riding the waves of addiction, finding resiliency and hope. In this episode, Kate and Mary start unfolding their story and invite others to share theirs. 

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