UNTAMING: Stories of young women finding meaning and purpose through intentional living. These women speak openly and honestly about their lived experiences and how that has awakened in them the need to change old ways of  being and living today, now.
From motherhood to working in corporate America, from being a women in the male dominated world of athletics to working in mental health and being a voice of change for future generations.

These conversations are with women finding that authentic, untamed truth within and speaking up and out. They want a place at the table of change and they are struggling to find their way just like the rest of us AND they are doing it, despite the fear, uncertainty and shame that is universal us all.

Listen to this series and you will find rawly relatable, heart touching, and frustrating experiences of sexual assault, body dysmorphia,  eating disorders, sexism. You will hear courage, hope, joy AND the struggle to understand, un-splinter and redirect.

May this awaken a part of you that may be settling for a life less than what aligns with your truth. May it let a little light in to shine on what is possible today, in this incredible time of change. Or maybe you can take a deep exhale knowing that there are women out there doing the work this world needs and as an elder you have opened the doorway for that possibility.



THIS WEEK! Heather Bedell is a licensed clinical mental health counselor in Vermont, primarily working with youth. In this episode, she discusses her journey and how she has used her experiences and education to break barriers and fight systems of oppression. 

"We all experience pain and suffering and deserve to have people in our corner and have equal access to resources for healing."


Heather's Recommended Books: “Set Boundaries, Find Peace: a guide to reclaiming yourself” by Nedra Tawwab , “Burnout” by Emily and Amelia Negoski, “The Body is Not An Apology” Sonya Renee Taylor, and “The Body Keeps The Score” by Bessel van der Kolk , “So you want to talk about race” by Layla Saad. 

Real.  Raw.

Grey Area Drinking: Jenn Kautsch

Jenn AKA Sobersis is passionate about making it safe for women to have a conversation about alcohol without judgement, labels, or rules. She discusses her past as a "grey area drinker" and how she began to realize that wine was not doing her any favors. 

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Everyday Guru: Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson takes us on his journey of trying to understand this human journey, how our past informs where we are today - his story is rich, colorful and relatable!


Grief: Tammy Davis

Tammy Davis shares her journey as a mother of 6, her life on the farm, her incredible loss and how she found her way forward in that moment and how she continues to find strength and resilience in this journey.


Starting the Conversation

This podcast is a mother and daughters raw and colorful story of riding the waves of addiction, finding resiliency and hope. In this episode, Kate and Mary start unfolding their story and invite others to share theirs. 

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Join us every Thursday as we share stories of struggle, resiliency and hope. We hold space for honest conversation of how Everyday Gurus, people just like you, are finding meaning and purpose in life. Everyday people finding what lights them up inside, despite challenges- or maybe because of them. Join us as we talk to the wise that walk among us. These conversations are real, raw and relevant.