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The Mindful Child

When we can take mindfulness practice into our families and schools we are really creating the potential for lasting change. Susan Kaiser Greenland is a "recovering lawyer" whose life work is teaching mindfulness to children and families and integrating it into our education system. As she has learned most parents want their children to approach experiences with curiosity and an open mind; have the skills to calm down when they get angry or upset; concentrate and ignore distractions; see what's happening in, to and around them, other people and the environment clearly and objectively; develop compassion; develop prosocial qualities like patience, humility, happiness for the good fortune of others, generosity, diligence, and equanimity; live gently and in balance with other people and their environment. Don't most of us want this for ourselves also?!?

If you are a parent or educator-or anyone!- you will enjoy Susan's book as she skillfully talks about her experience and the movement of parenting mindfully-it will guide you as she includes mindful practices and concepts and how to share them with your kids (they are perfect for adults too!). She has studied with some of the world leaders in mindfulness and has taken complex concepts and simplified them for practical everyday use.

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