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Ignite Your Wisdom: It is HERE!

I was recently given the opportunity to be a co-author in this compilation book, a collection of stories about 'being human' and the inherent struggles that come with all our journeys, along with the gifts.

In my story, Learning to Love What Is, I share how addiction has impacted my family, how I have learned at times to "love from a distance, holding space for forgiveness, healing and hope".

I have felt called to share our story to help others not feel so alone on their journey. It is my hope that through this connection we can learn, grow, and heal. That through this sense of belonging we can stay resilient as we ride the waves of this hard and beautiful life- ultimately finding joy over and over again.

I share just one of the many wonderful stories in this book and I feel honored to share the pages with all the authors that co-created this book. Ignite Your Wisdom quickly became an International Best Seller and I would love to share a special addition copy with you or have you order a copy on Amazon.

I have 50 Special Addition signed copies that I will be selling at a donation price with all proceeds going to Imaging the World .

If you are interested please follow this link!

Share your shipping address and you donation amount.

Please consider the following donations:

$45 ($30 book + $15 donation)

$70 ($30 book + $30 donation)

$90 ($30 book + 60 donation)

Other amount of your choice.

my venmo: @mary-streeter-2

You can also order a copy on Amazon

Thank you so much!

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