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Living in Wonder

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

I have been reading excerpts from Richard Wagamese's book EMBERS. He connects wonder as a gateway to wisdom. He states that when we are in a state of wonder "the head has no answers and the heart has no questions."

I was sitting on my porch this morning having coffee, being early March in Vermont this has been the first porch/coffee day in a while. I always seem to push the edge with porch mornings more than most people I know. While I enjoy cuddling up by the wood stove in the winter months, the novelty begins to wear off by this time of year and I long for fresh air and bare feet. So, at the first whispers of spring I bundle up and find the porch swing, warm coffee and a book in hand. This morning I was gently rocking on the porch swing, rain falling and dogs at my feet as nature pulled me into a meditation of sorts. What a beautiful alter she supplies - the slow swaying of the pine trees, the clouds mesmerizing movement , seeming to suspend time. The wet, raw smell of the earth still covered with patches of white, emerging from the depths of winter cover. It invites a sense of wonder. It invites my attention to come into the moment, to allow the clatter of "figuring out" to slide away, like a piece of heavy silk sliding off me and onto floor, leaving me feeling lighter in mind, body and spirit.

Although this emerging of spring happens every year, it still holds a sense of novelty and wonder. On this morning that wonder emptied my mind of worry and the idea that there were things to fix or get right. It gave an opening to my heart- and I realized that everything in my life is just as I would want it to be. Not perfect, but it all belongs. I didn't want anything to be different in that moment. It allowed me to touch into the wisdom body and realize I am being held in this journey by the earth: by the divine. It was another reminder that when I resist, it makes the struggle harder. Things may need to change over time, and they will as we all move and grow with time and the seasons of life, but in that moment, suspended in a state of wonder- nothing could have been more perfect.

What filled by heart next was deep gratitude for all that is. I drank that in and let myself ride the waves of this drop of joy as I picked up the EMBER book lying on my lap and randomly opened it up to the reading on 'Wonder'.

Oh my dear sweet souls, there is no randomness in this life. Be present and pay attention to the little nudges guiding you through the moments of this day.

Love & Light,


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