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Wedding Day Yoga with Meditation & Aromatherapy

It’s a day to celebrate love! This session will combine heart opening yoga, breath-work, essential oils of love, healing touch and loving kindness meditation.

Every intention sets energy into motion. Allow yourself the space to fully arrive for this special day with clear intention.

Yoga: to clear your mind, open your heart, decrease anxiety and promote positive energy.

Aromatherapy: essential oils that promote grounding ,clarity, heart opening, equanimity, and joy.

Mindful Mediation: connecting the mind, body and spirit through breath-work and a relaxing body scan techniques. This will allow your attention to rest peacefully in the present moment, setting clear intentions that will allow you to fully experience this special day.

Crystals: crystals are at the center piece of the practice serving as a visual reminder of the intentions being set.

Offerings both group and private sessions. For more information contact me at mindfullivingvt

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