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Drops of Light

Sometimes navigating this life is hard...keeping a steady boat feels impossible. There is light but the path forward seems unclear. I'm feeling a disconnect between my head and my heart. I know all the ways to manage the fear of uncertainty and change- my resiliency tool box is full with mindfulness, yoga, walks in the woods, writing, warm baths, good nutrition...ways to release and nurture.

The thing is I have layers around my heart - ways I have armored up to protect the hurt and pain of loss, of struggle...of things not going as planned. Now Covid, that's impacting all of us in this way. There are days when I feel hope and days when ' I don't want to play this game anymore'.

No answers in this post...just getting real and feeling like there is no time like October to take one step deeper into trying to feel what's in my heart so that I can peel back a few more layer, dust off the mirror of truth and see what's there- perhaps some clarity, maybe some healing...maybe some joy!

I've been chanting lately- a Bhakti yoga practice along with Japa with my Mala beads. I find these practices powerful and they make me happy and stir up energy that carries truth & new ways of being with it. I've shed some tears and experiences the hope of unseen possibilities.

What could you try during this month? As the leaves fall to the ground and the world begins to look grey.

How can we connect our heads and our hearts in a way that opens up to light? I'm feeling like we need a plan for the winter months ahead ✨💚✨ what do you think? Any ideas ?


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