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Mary Streeter, Health Coach

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Coach and Mentor

My story is not so different than yours. I have struggles, fears and times when I get lost in the challenges of life. I also have a passion to live a beautiful life, to have optimal health and to find joy.

I have spent the past 3 decades as a healthcare provider, studying and teaching yoga, energy medicine, mindfulness and stress resiliency.

I love to work with soul-centered people that are looking to step into their truth, discover their purpose and live an intentional life.

I specialize in teaching mindfulness based practices to reduce stress and build resiliency. As a wellness coach I will guide you to develop strength and vitality in the mind and body through movement, breath, mindfulness, nutrition, condition healthy habits,  and engage in restorative, calming and rejuvenating practices.

_______________________________________________________________________________________ Are you living the life you desire?

Life is not a dress rehearsal and although there are many things in our lives we do not have control of, there are so many things we do. One of our many super powers is the power of choice. Choose wisely . Choose to take care of yourself first and discover how this opens life up completely.

We are all here for a reason. We all deserve to live the life we desire. What is holding you back from living your dreams, desires, passion? Listen to my Inner Critic, Inner Mentor Meditation. Perhaps it will give you some perspective.

When you are ready, lets ! A free consultation may be all you need to get you going in the direction you desire. I also offer coaching series, workshops and online courses.

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