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Building Beautiful

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

I talk to women everyday, friends, colleagues, mothers on the sidelines of our kids games and I am moved by the amazing gifts they have. From solutions to big world and community issues, to what is called for today to raise the future warriors of tomorrow. Innovative, creativity ideas that if unleashed to the world we would be “building beautiful“ in ways that have never been defined or imagined before. Shifting and shaping our worild in ways we are desperately in need of.
So what is holding us back? Why are we staying safe and small? As women we are selling ourselves short and we need to stop. Collectively women are breaking down external barriers to empowerment but individually we are still struggling to understand our own power. Many of us are unaware of how we hold ourselves back.
We all have an inner critic that tells us self-limiting beliefs and we unknowingly listen and think it’s our source of truth. When you learn to access your wiser self, the part of you that is loyal to your hopes and dreams, you can can break through your personal barriers and allow your light to shine out into the world.
Today 1. Chose courage over comfort. 2. Sit in stillness and listen to your inner critic, what is she saying that is holding you back? 3. Close your eyes and imagine your future self, your authentic, soulful self. Visualize and begin to create a relationship with this wiser self that is loyal to your hopes and dreams. 4. Ask yourself, what is holding me back? 5. Journal: begin to write it down or speak it out in an audio journal. Once you have identified these parts of yourself you will be more aware of your thoughts and when the inner critic is talking you can simply say ‘no thank you‘ and shift to access you inner mentor.
Remember you can be fiercely courageous in your life AND be gentle, loving and kind. It is not either or, it is both / and. We can make this world a better place simply by being the truest version of ourselves <3. What does “building beautiful” look like to you?
Follow this link to my guided meditation on Finding you Inner Critic and Inner Mentor. Check out Tara Mohr’s book Playing Big: Practical Wisdom for Women Who Want to Speak up, Create, and Lead.

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