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Nature is Calling: be present, be mindful


Outside this morning, the landscaped covered with soft snow, the air mild. I hear the deep, soft coo of the mourning dove, the crow cawing as he glides across the morning sky, a turkey gobbles in the distance. I gaze at the long pine branches laden with snow-in stillness their presence is profound and touches my heart. My gaze lifts to take in the world around me, the natural world that despite the current chaos, despite the fear that is waving over our societies during this pandemic, the physical world around us stays steady and strong....simple and beautiful. The trees sway with the wind before returning to center. The earth holds what needs to be held and drinks in what is needed to nourish its soils. I am moved by this and the grounding it brings. How it continues to try and nudge us awake, showing us how to be steady and strong. Whispering to not fear the waves of struggle, instead be flexible to move with them knowing we have our breath and body to bring us back to center. Today reminds me we are never alone and we have all around us and within us all we need to be with these waves of change and to return home to our centers, our inner beauty and resilience, over and over again. It is not too much, it is just enough. Pause, breath and be present. Your more powerful than you know. 

A Global call for Mindfulness (video)

If you feel you have drifted outside the window of your tolerance, here are a few ways to calm your nervous system.

  • Pause: and soften your gaze:

  • Breath: breath in, breath out 5 times, slow and steady

  • Ground: feel the earth wherever your body is touching it, look around you and name the things you see, listen to the noises: listen and feel what is present

  • Imagine: a person or pet you truly are grateful for, feel and bring their image into your heart, feeling the good emotions.

  • Move: walk, dance, practice yoga, run-move your body. This gets you out of your head and into your body, distancing us from thoughts of fear or worry.

Peace & light,


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