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Pain with R.A.I.N

You can't get through this life without experiencing some pain, be it emotional or physical. It can be a powerful influencer of our general state of wellbeing. Does pain impacts your quality of life, preventing you from doing the things you love? If so, you are not alone. 

If we don't give pain the attention it needs- and instead resist it- our struggle becomes more challenging. Creating supportive practices that allow us to have some control over our experience can be both empowering and healing. 

Tara Brach, PhD. is a meditation teacher and psychotherapist that has taught me how to use the acronym RAIN to deal with difficult emotions and physical pain. It's amazing how things can shift when we just pay attention, get out of our head and the stories we create and get into the moment.


Recognize what is present

Acknowledge it belongs

Investigate where it is showing up in our body  

Nurture it, changing our relationship with pain 

Here is my video to walk you through the process.

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