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Change, like laundry, is one of lives guarantees...embrace it

"It's the resistance to the change that causes the discomfort. Do not sacrifice who you are meant to be for the comfort of who you are today".

This is quoted from Alicia Rodriguez, Simple Wisdom. I read this and it again reminds me that we can not control what happens in our life, and often the impending change is not the struggle as much as how we chose to relate to it. However there is a process to transitions and if we can recognize this and allow ourselves to move through the process with openness and curiosity, it takes away the struggle and opens up the richness of endless possibilities.

I know I am one that wants to get to the finish line asap and move on, especially when the discomfort sets in, I want to find a solution. However life teaches me over and over again to enjoy the journey-or not, but the journey has to happen anyway. So that is our choice. Logic doesn't always win out and loosening our grip- control, over the outcome in the end opens the door to truth and alignment, the pathway to hapiness and joy.

I am currently going through a transition in my work. After spending days pondering the options, making mental lists of pros and cons, meeting with people to get input, honestly asking "what do you think I should do" someone else would know what was best for me!?! It was exhausting and the mental chatter was consuming me. Finally I stepped away, physically. Which then allowed me to mentally and emotionally disengage. Focus on other aspects of my life that fed me in positive ways created the space I needed to let the truth arise. I stopped trying to solve "the problem" and began to see the opportunities and by quieting my mind, opening my heart and letting go, I began to effortlessly gain clarity. This transition shifted from a state of struggle that I had encased with fear that I might make the wrong choice. Fear that I would step away from "the comfort of who you are today". This was limiting me from seeing that what actually lie ahead for me was a rich opportunity of change that could lead me in the direction of my true calling, if I could just allow it to unfold. My interface with this transition was to support the best version of myself and allow the space for the truth to arise. By fixating on "finding the solution" I almost missed out on this beautiful unfolding opportunity of self growth...of finding out perhaps "who I was meant to be" or who I have evolved to become :)

If you are finding yourself in a place of change, of transition, try to step back, nurture yourself, let go of the outcome for a while so that you can create room for innovation and change to occur. For me this is engaging in outdoor activities, stepping onto my yoga mat, meeting with friends and family along with finding time to silence my mind and body, open my heart through mindful meditation, walks in the woods and practicing gratitude. What feeds you?...take some time to figure this out, or sink right into what you already know.

Embrace the journey!

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